Helping Out a Mate

There’s nothing better than helping a friend in need. Or is there?

When my mate finished a round of placing his CV before store managers, I scooted out to him in my car. I wanted to see him and show him I support him in his endeavours.

When I heard he’d been applying for anything but wanted to work in the same industry as me, I immediately wanted to jump to the rescue.

So I share my story of how I worked from the ground up into the position I’m in today, how I took an entry level job, of moderate pay and limited skill requirement.

Inside I was boiling away, wanting to whisk him off to a recruitment agent and sign him up!

Instead I checked myself, hit him in a laddish way and said “I’m not rescuing you, mate!”

We laughed, but then I said “Look, this is my advice, this is what I’d do. It’s up to you to get off your bum and do it. I can’t do it for you.”

Right now we’re both sitting in Boston tea party, and he’s applying for jobs online.

The rescuer 0

Self respect 1


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