Trivial Things

I’m doing a little lunch time shopping and I’m searching high and low for some coconut milk. Not the stuff that you add into a curry, but that carton in the milk isle that acts as a milk substitute.

I’m walking up and down the milk isle, and I just can’t find what I’m looking for – but I see a woman looking intently at two containers of margarine.

She’d caught my eye as I walked up the isle previously, I thought there was something different about her, but now I could see that she had some real trouble making a decision.

Was it that she couldn’t read English, or was it that she had anxiety over making a decision?

Whatever it was, I wanted to help, and I prepare to ask her if she needs help before my internal warning system yells


I recognise what I’m doing – I’m about to rescue a damsel in distress – the very thing I said I’d not do anymore!

I felt sad as I walked on by and left the lady, standing with two margarine containers, one in each hand as she deliberated with eyes closed and an anxious look on her face. I felt so sorry for her.

And then strange thoughts ran through my mind:

How will she ever decide?

When I look back at that moment, I laugh at myself.

If there were people who really needed that kind of help, then surely the local supermarket would be full of people, stuck in isles with food packets in hand, unable to make a decision.

It seems like a trivial thing to puzzle myself over, but I just can’t help but want to help people who I see having trouble, even over something so small.


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