Cutting Out Bad Friendships

Some would say it’s bad to cut out bad friendships, everyone should be shown compassion right?

We should treat others as we’d want to be treated right?

When it comes to relationships that incite the rescuer in me through abusive behaviour and treatment, I have to cut them out.

I’ve been involved in too many physically and emotionally abusive relationships to stand for it.

In the past, I’d try to fix it, showing compassion and mercy, I believed that I could ‘fix’ the bad, and by my demonstration of love, win around the abuser. You know what, it just incited further abuse.

For some reason, those who were abusive became more abusive, to the point where I’d feel bruised, although I don’t bruise thankfully, but seriously being hit hard hurts!

So does being hurt emotionally, especially emotional abuse.

So I had no problem blocking a friend who began to get emotionally abusive, even swearing at me in a voice message and calling me all sorts of crazy.

There’s just no time for that, and I’ve learned it’s not worth trying to fix them through compassion, it just sucks out my emotional and mental energy.

It was time to let go, move on, heal and make space in my life to welcome better, healthier friendships!



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