Letting Go

It’s funny how things play on my mind. When I’m aware of friends who are going through some tough things in life, I want to be there for them.

I don’t know why I let these things dwell on my mind so much. I know, as I have codependent traits, I’ll expend my own energy and reserves to make sure my friends are okay, even though they can take care of themselves.

It still feels like crap though.

I can’t stop the butterflies in my belly from flying around as I ruminate on whether or not there’s something I can do to help them. If I did step in to help, I’d soon realise I couldn’t help any way, and then I’d feel even worse about myself!

Perhaps I am my own worst enemy, am I toxic to myself?

I need to stop worrying about other people so much and focus on myself.

I looked at the codependent list of attributes today, and I see I fill out the compliance checklist – a lot!

I know I have to take care of my own needs first and stop worrying about other people. I looked on a blog today, and it said this sort of thing can hinder my progress of self improvement – giving into the issues and needs of other people that drag me down.

I have to let go.

I choose to let go, and let God.


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