Perception of Need

I was just walking around town, my usual afternoon moment of fresh air and reflection, and I was thinking.

I saw some people needing help, I just walked on by, trying out my new non rescuing mode. It felt strange but good.

Someone asked me to stop to help them out with a questionnaire, I had no problem saying no. I guess they weren’t actually in need of any help, but then do I feel resentful when asked for help, yet willing to give above and beyond when my help isn’t asked for but I perceive a need, whether there is a need or not?

It’s an observation about myself, and a strange one at that, but it’s time to stop thinking “who here can I help,” and focus on first helping myself, and helping those who have chosen to be within my close circle of friendship and support.

Time to start focussing on those who have opened up their lives to me, give into close friendships and relationships, so those close to me know I love them.


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