Resisting Manipulation

So an friend got in touch yesterday, she saw that I’d updated my whatsapp image, and wanted to say she liked it.

I hadn’t spoken to her in a few years, I was in a relationship with someone very jealous and didn’t want me speaking with other women, so instead of keeping my friendship, I shunned her without explanation.

Naturally, I wanted to see if the friendship was mutual still, so I responded with cordiality, but the ‘friend’ responded with something that made me feel so bad about myself.

It was probably due, but naturally I wanted to ‘fix it.’ Another relationship had gone bad, through my own doing!

I wasn’t going to jump in to fix it though, it would just get toxic. I had to walk away, I’ve spotted toxic traits now, and I’ve realised I don’t need to rescue relationships that have gone bad – and entered toxicity.

Most of the time these type of relationships can’t be rescued anyway, toxic is toxic, and it takes massive change on both sides to change it.

Once poison has entered the water, the water is poisonous, no matter how much you dilute it.

So instead of giving and expending emotional energy to work the relationship round to something nice and good, I just let it go.

The other person may hate me for it, but I had to do it to protect myself.


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