Rescuing: a lesson from Aladdin

I was at my sisters house a few days ago and we decided to watch an old Disney classic, Aladdin.

It wasn’t until about a third of the way through when he meets genie, that I suddenly realised genie is a rescuer!

This clip shows how, when genie rescued Aladdin and Abu from the cave of wonders, genie thinks it was Aladdin’s wish. Truth is, genie got so caught up in Aladdins game that he didn’t see how he was manipulated.

That’s right, even Aladdin can manipulate, playing the old victim “well I guess we’re stuck in here if you’re not all that powerful enough to et us out.”

It’s such a play on genie’s insecurity – he’s been trapped and bound for thousands of years, doing his master’s bidding and never receiving love, praise or admiration. Or in his case, the one true thing he wanted – freedom.

Triggered to prove himself, genie takes Aladdin’s bait and escapes the cave of wonders all in his own doing, believing he was fulfilling a wish, only to be duped the other side.

Aladdin hadn’t actually asked to get out the cave of wonders!


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