Putting to death the rescuer

I don’t think rescuing the rescuer is quite what it takes to be healed from being codependent.

I’ve tried to rescue myself many times but the urge to rescue through compliance and denial of myself for the sake of others in order to gain approval never worked.

I ended up feeling used, abused and worthless.

Quite the opposite intention.

Instead I’ve found I have to be quite violent with my natural tendency to conpliance.

I have to forcefully consider what’s in my best interests before God, my higher power, and follow a course of action that will propel me into his loving desire for me.

It’s only when I die to my people pleasing and sacrifice what I’d want to do in order to follow what God would want, that I gain true freedom.

No more am I subject to the fear of what people will think of me.

No more am I subject to the push and pull of people’s wills over my own or over Gods.

I am free from trying to achieve love and affirmation through my own efforts and I can rest in the loving comfort of Gods love for me and release the desire to control situations and people in order to receive love.


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