Fairy Tale Lie

I’m up at 4am, my usual routine, I just can’t sleep. So I thought tonight I’d listen to one of my favourite bands, Lacuna Coil.

When I listened to Intoxicated with fresh ears, I saw it in a completely different light.

For me, it reflects the codependent in a relationship, holding up a lie, fighting to keep something going, trying to fix the other person, in hope for love to turn things around.


Especially as this type of relationship is a toxic bond.

The person on the receiving end, the one the codependent is desperately hoping will mend, will one day return a mutual love, will one day shift their addiction, bad ways or stop being abusive (physically, emotionally or paychologically) is a fairy tale lie.

The codependent keeps using up their lives so to speak, until they get burned out and either lose themselves or bail.

Set it free – lost ambition.

Give up on this fairy tale lie.

It’s better we recover, find sobriety and free ourselves from the never ending cycle of enabling the addictive or abusive behaviour of the other.

As the lyrics say:

The air I breathe is poison free.

I’m freedom bound.


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