Into recovery: detecting type B personalities

So I’m now able to spot type B personalities.

Typically they have this ability to pull on my heart so that I feel something’s wrong within my body.

It’s like a force that compels me to get involved in their drama, to try to fix their shit, for lack of a better word. Simply put, it can’t be fixed by me.

I’m grateful for the self awareness that I’ve gained, although I need so much more, and self control, to be able to guard my mind and heart from jumping into rescue these people.

So far I recognise them by the following characteristics:

  • Everything’s about them
  • If no, the conversation becomes about them or their problems
  • Everyone seems to make them into a bad person or doesn’t understand them
  • They are high on emotion (unstable and negative emotion)
  • They manipulate, or try to, my emotions into feeling sorry for them

Being able to recognise this now is a major change from two years ago, when I would get trapped and jump in to my own detriment of thinking:

  • I am somehow fixing and helping
  • Losing sleep
  • Being preoccupied with their problems

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