Let Go and Let God

What a clichè. Let go and let God.

Most people don’t even believe in God here in the west, yet we have this saying

I was contemplating it on my way home after my meeting with my friend. Let go, and let God do his thing.

There are so many things in my life where I want to take control, I want to have answers and solutions right now.

Isn’t that the root of control and manipulation though? It’s how I used to be, and if I couldn’t control something or have it my way in the past, I’d get a knot in my stomach and antagonise over things, ruminate over the what ifs.

I was praying to my higher power, Jesus, and choosing to let go of the things in my life I have no control over.

Least of all how my friends are going to react over things, where I’m going to live, which church to belong to, my future…

It’s all out of my control, what’s in my control are my vision, values and virtues. If I can be true to these, authentic to myself and with others, then I can live within safety and within my own emotional compass. I can truly be me.

To do that, I need to let go of the things I can not contain, I can not control. I can only control myself.

In this way I truly believe freedom is obtainable and the ability to see the reality of my higher power’s provision and love break through

So I choose to let go and let God.

And now I can breathe easy.


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