Let Go and Let God

What a clichè. Let go and let God. Most people don't even believe in God here in the west, yet we have this saying I was contemplating it on my way home after my meeting with my friend. Let go, and let God do his thing. There are so many things in my life where … Continue reading Let Go and Let God


Settling and emotional availability

For a while I've valued emotional availability. It's one of the things I knew I wasn't, especially as I was going through a massive discovery about myself. My higher power, Jesus, has been so good to me that I'm now able to be at peace when alone. I used to have panic attacks, more do … Continue reading Settling and emotional availability

Reflecting on narcissistic abuse in relationships and healing

Ever wondered, like me, why you keep getting into relationships with people who don't seem to treat you right... Yet you keep going back? You lose yourself, trying to please the other, yet in the back of your mind there's something wrong, in the pit of your stomach something's not right, but you ignore those … Continue reading Reflecting on narcissistic abuse in relationships and healing