Reflecting on narcissistic abuse in relationships and healing

Ever wondered, like me, why you keep getting into relationships with people who don't seem to treat you right... Yet you keep going back? You lose yourself, trying to please the other, yet in the back of your mind there's something wrong, in the pit of your stomach something's not right, but you ignore those … Continue reading Reflecting on narcissistic abuse in relationships and healing


Boundaries and Physical Contact / Violence

I must admit, today I'm struggling, which is strange as last night I had 6 and a half hours sleep, which is the most unbroken sleep I've had since June last year. I'm coming into a place of acceptance for what I am, and I keep attracting people into my life who are 'different.' From … Continue reading Boundaries and Physical Contact / Violence

Acceptance and Boundaries

I was reading the recovery materials again, for recovering from codependency, and I realised I'm in the third stage for the majority of my awareness - Acceptance. The link is here:¬† I realised that I'm no longer in denial about my behaviours, but sometimes there are some behaviours that have lurked beneath the surface and … Continue reading Acceptance and Boundaries